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It isn’t just a saying, laughter really is good for your health.

It isn’t just a saying, laughter really is good for your health.

Full disclosure here, the past few months have been very difficult. The struggle of juggling motherhood and mom-preneur has been getting to me. I have teenagers (enough said) and a busy schedule balancing their sports, meals and emotions. (The latter perhaps the hardest.) I have a growing business but there doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day for all of it. Who can relate? I have a feeling many of you can.

So, I’ve decided when my brain wants to explode, I have to remember something important: This is life. No one said it would be easy. And creating a business through the chaos is a journey that should be enjoyed rather than forced. And the best way to enjoy anything, no matter how challenging? With laughter!

Did you know that laughter isn’t just fun? It is actually good for your health.
Knowing this, we MUST laugh more. How can you LIVE BOLDY and be intentional by LAUGHING more?

My top 5 tips to help you LIVE BOLDLY and LAUGH MORE:

1. Understand just how beneficial laughter is for your health.

  • Physical Effects of laughter:
  • Boosts immunity
  • Lowers stress hormones
  • Decreases pain
  • Relaxes your muscles
  • Protects your body from damaging effects of stress

2. Smile more. 
Be intentional about SMILING more. We walk around with our faces in our phones. Think about how many smiles are lost just because we aren’t looking at people and smiling at them. This has created a general acceptance where we don’t even expect the smile or smile back any more. This has to stop. I encourage you today to smile at three people and watch the response. Be intentional and start practicing that SMILE. You won’t believe how quickly smiling can become a habit. And what a refreshing response you will receive. Who knows? That SMILE could lead to a good LAUGH.

3. Be vulnerable. 
With the age of social media, everyone looks like they have it all together. It creates an illusion of perfection. But perfection is unattainable. No one has it all together personally, professionally, and in every other aspect of life, and that’s OK. Even thinking about attaining perfection is exhausting and draining. Wouldn’t you rather be with people you can be vulnerable with? And just be yourself? And have a great laugh, knowing no one is perfect?

4. Be grateful. 
Having gratitude for the little things can be life changing. It’s so easy to get bogged down with stress and forget what we are grateful for in our lives. Make a list of five simple things that you are grateful for right now. And take a moment to intentionally smile about them. Gratitude takes the heavy off your heart and will make the laughter come more easily.

5. Find a smile buddy. 

Grab a smile-accountability buddy. Sound silly? Good. Everyone should have one person in their life they can be silly with. Grab that person and say, “Hey, I’m taking the next 30 days to be more intentional and find the laughter in life. Let’s do this together!” You’ll be glad you did!

Fun fact:
Did you know?

Laughing can help you burn calories: If you want to burn some calories, just laugh! Laughing for a few minutes can effectively burn 10 to 40 kilocalories.

Hemp Hightlight of the Month:

Meet Dr. Damon Silas Psy.D., CH
Clinical Psychologist, Hypnotist, EFT Practitioner, Mental Health & Wellness Coach

“I first began using hemp oil after hearing about its benefits with trauma-related symptoms. As a practitioner who works with many who have trauma histories, I was intrigued to offer them a natural solution to help their coping mechanisms. I also wanted to be a product of the product – if I’m going to suggest something to people, I better know what it does for me! Well -my chest immediately felt a sense of calm. I noticed a clarity in my work begin to emerge; an increase in energy; and an ability to tap into more creativity in my sessions. Then- I went to my doctor for my 3 month follow-up. In the last year I had been admitted to the ER for heart-related concerns, as well as, a high lipid profile. I was put on meds, though was always leery about them. My doctor was so impressed with my numbers when I followed up – that she took me off my meds and told me to keep on doing what I was doing, and she would see me in a year. Wow. The numbers truly don’t lie! I am so grateful to have come across this product and to be able to share this with my clients who no longer need to suffer the ways that they have been.”

Thank you Dr. Damon for sharing your story with us!

I challenge you to BE BOLD and intentional by smiling more, being truthful to yourself and others, showing gratitude and finding the “silly” in the simple things.
I promise the more you laugh, the more joy you will find!

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