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Live B.O.L.D.LY Coaching

• Are you starting a new business?
• Pivoting your existing business? Or
• Taking your business to a new level?

If so- this is just what you have been looking for! Clarity, confidence, impact, and growth are crucial for your business to go the level you deserve and desire!

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  • How you show up BOLD to represent your business?
  • How do you represent what you do with a BOLD certainty?
  • How do you stand out in your industry with clarity & certainty?
  • What are your unique talents and gifts for what you do?
  • Could you have more impact and influence with your prospects, professional peers, colleagues etc?
  • Do you dread the S word (you know.. SALES)?
  • Do you step out of your comfort zone to grow your business?
  • Does your inner critic hold you back?
  • Do you show authority for what you do - in your messaging, content, or meetings?

If you could use clarity on these questions –

then let's get BOLD and grow your business!


B.O.L.D. Coaching Focuses on:

  • B- Gaining clarity, certainty and confidence in who you are BECOMING
  • O- OWN your value in every business action you take
  • L- LEVELING up and stepping out of your comfort zone
  • D- DRIVE & DETERMINATION to not let that inner critic get in your way

What’s included

  • Bi-monthly 1 hour sessions
  • Monthly 1:1 check-in sessions for individual projects
  • Ongoing Access to Kim via email or Voxer for communication, support, feedback, and ideas.
  • Handouts and weekly direction to move forward
  • Contact for 1:1 or group package options

Topics Covered:

  • Gain clarity and certainty in who you are and what you do so you shine in personal and professional settings.
  • Redefine your own value and start inspiring others with certainty and authenticity
  • Step out of your comfort zone TOGETHER & take action on a specific project(s) you choose during the program.
  • Learn life-long tools to manage your inner critic.
  • Have the impact, influence and success you have always desired.

Ready to Start Growing Your Business with YOUR BOLD?


"Kim is a knowledgeable, caring and intuitive coach that really takes the time to understand the individual she is working with.

I have really made some very important steps in growing my practice because of her expertise. She helped me connect some very important personal traits and history that were causing a lack of confidence in my practice.

Kim really wants us all to show up bold in our business and life and gives us tools to do that."

-Susan C


This level of BOLD will translate to these REAL results:

  • Reach your next level of success
  • Have a new enthusiasm and fire for what you do!
  • Unlock personal obstacles effecting your professional confidence
  • Gain communications skills that will change your impact and influence
  • Find your voice in professional settings
  • Learn tips to change your perspective on the dreaded S word. (SALES)
  • Stand out from others in your industry.
  • Level up your productivity

Here's How The Program Works:

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"Kim is so upbeat level headed with balance.

One of the greatest gifts I received from her coaching is skills to communicate and motivate different personalities on my team of 350.

These skills are imperative to all aspects of our business-  sales, impact on clients, and more!"

-Suzanne S

"I LOVE working with Kim!

She brings out the best in people! She helps you recognize traits and ways about you that you didn't even know you had. Heart and soul, she loves seeing our success, which builds into a perfect uplifting, learning based, success cycle.  Kim is so positive and helpful in her approach. I love that she can take on real leadership in-the-moment situation and focus her training on improving our skills"

-Kari M

Ready to Start Growing Your Business with YOUR BOLD?