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Meet Kim

Meet Kim


Live BOLDly Coaching works with business professionals to have a powerful voice in how they represent their business.

I have spent over 25 years in the service industry working with people in a coaching role. I have spent over 12 networking and working with business professionals.

As the owner of Live BOLDly Coaching I have studied people, how they work together, and listened and watched how they show up in their businesses. I am relatable, and have experienced everything I speak about and coach on.  I will make you laugh at yourself and learn at the same time how to show up BOLD and authentically YOU when you represent your business.

My energy is infectious, as I like to have FUN whether I am coaching 1:1, small group, or presenting a training for your group. 

My Motto is  Be BOLD Be You!

People want to work with YOU- they want to know who that is!



Live BOLDly Coaching works with Solopreneurs to have a powerful voice in how they represent their business.

If you are a Solopreneur, then you know you wear ALL the hats in your business and have the task of thinking of everything. How you show up is one of the most significant tasks in your business...but can easily fall through the cracks. Showing up with confidence, clarity, and authority and most of all – like YOU- makes all the difference.

My frustration in my business years ago took me on a journey to uncover my BOLD and shift how I share my value with a different level of certainty and impact. I had always thought that passion and confidence were critical traits for success, and were enough.

But these traits do not necessarily equal influence, authority, or success.

So my business journey first led to imposter syndrome, a lot of unhappiness, questioning and doubt. And ultimately, helped me uncover my BOLD in how I show up in my business to have the success I desired.

And I LOVE sharing the B.O.L.D. Strategy I created, as well as, helping you uncover your value, stop any thoughts of imposter syndrome, and show up as your most confident, powerful, BOLD business self!


  Biz Experience & Education

  • Coaching Certification - Growth-U

  • Founding Growth Leader - Growth -U

  • Undergraduate in Communications - UNC Chapel Hill

  • Masters Degree in Health Education - UNC Charlotte