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Coaching with Kim

LIVE BOLDLY and work with Kim


I help driven business leaders and entrepreneurs find their BOLD in order to uncover what is holding them back and rediscover their value. And THEN help them take action with confidence and influence, to have success and happiness in both their personal and professional lives.

It’s time for you to start being your BEST, BOLD you.

It takes courage and growth to go next level in any area of life.  But this is not easy to do on your own because SOMETHING holds you back.  And that something is affecting your inner belief, your impact, your success, and ultimately your happiness.

My passion is to help you live BOLDLY and uncover what holds you back and help you rediscover your own value that has gotten lost.  I will help you SHOW UP in a way that matches your goals.  Your inner critic is bringing you down, but this is SO normal. The key is learning the tools that will help you work through it every time.  And this takes BOLD.

I combine the experiences of my own journey (including all the doubt, questioning, and comparing!) along with my coaching certification from Growth-U and my years of working with clients in the health and wellness industry.

I will help you be the BEST you ever – the true, BOLD you!


Are you ready to: 

  • Go next level in your personal OR your professional life?
  • Find your belief, confidence, and a new positive mindset?
  • Get your power and your BOLD back?
  • Remember your VALUE and take action?
  • Make an impact and find your happiness?
  • Push through the doubt and not spiral this time?
  • Stop comparing yourself to others?
  • Finally make positive changes stick?

And most of all, are you ready to create new HABITS so you SHOW UP as the YOU that you want to be and accomplish what you deserve?!

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