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NEW Leave Em with a B.A.M.!

Leave em with a B.A.M!

Do you represent your business with a B.A.M?

Always Leave Em With a...

Bold. Action. Moment!

Your networking message, social media platforms, and every meeting you have is your time to leave your audience with a B.A.M! 

Every time you represent your business -

it's your  “Bold. Action. Moment.”    or your time to show up with a B.A.M!:

  • Become the best version of YOU in your business and have a powerful confident voice.
  • Audience  Dive deep into your audience, who they are,  and how you show authority in your industry.
  • Messaging  Does your message (networking & on social media including CONTENT) have clarity, intrigue, and show Pronfidence *Kim coined to mean Professional Confidence

Ultimately OWN your gifts and the value you bring to your business. 

Which WILL ALSO  help you fight the annoying voices of IMPOSTER SYNDROME that cause you to:

    • Question your ability and think you are lucky versus talented.
    • Value your mistakes over your successes.
    • WORST: cause you to feel that others will figure out you are a fraud.

All of which eat away at your confidence.

Kim's BAM group was exactly what I needed. An opportunity to laser focus my audience, messaging and come up with a plan for using all of these pieces in social media marketing. Kim took time to learn more about my business from an outsider’s perspective and help craft messaging around that. She challenged me to think differently. Often times, we are so IN our business, the view from the outside could be a bit different.  Kim is also very organized, personable and professional.


Do you show up BOLD in your business?

Ask yourself these questions...

      • Is your content on social media a constant struggle?
      • Do you represent your business in a clear and impactful way?
      • Does your ideal client know why they need you?
      • Do others understand (without added thought) the problem you solve?
      • Do you speak with authority about what you do?
      • Do the voices of Imposter Syndrome ever hold you back?
      • Do you stand out among the many others that do what you do?
      • Do you know what to post to share your value in an impactful way on social media?

Don’t’ waste another minute

without the ability to answer all of the above.

Confidence is more than just having belief in yourself.

Have a POWERFUL Voice in who YOU are, and how you show up in every meeting and on social media!


 Kim's gift and the value she brings to her clients is uncovering that powerful voice!



"Kim and I are currently collaborating on how to combine my two passions in life, comedy and finance! In the one great meeting we have had she has opened up my mind so much with ideas to incorporate both very big parts of my life for success! Kim brings that creative "think out of the box"! Definitely time well spent!"  Michael

I just had a BAM Session with Kim and I was blown away! After a career transition, I was having trouble figuring out how to attract my ideal clients. Kim helped me to simplify and lock down my messaging around who I am currently working with, what their challenges are, what their needs are, what they are actually willing to spend money on, and how to communicate all of that clearly and powerfully to attract my ideal clients. Kim was professional, thoughtful, creative, and patient, and I couldn't have asked for a better coaching experience"   Monica

"Now when I share my B.A.M. messaging, it’s 100% in alignment with ME and I feel more confident that I am clearly communicating how I help other women."   Carolina


What will you receive?

  • New powerful message

  • Networking focus points

  • Social Media Content

  • HOW you show Authority when speaking about your business

  • Powerful presence in your business

  • New level of PRONfidence

All in a beautiful custom digital summary!



Increase your confidence and authority! Be more effective in networking and meetings! Stand out with your online presence! Attract clients that want to work with YOU!

What are you waiting for?

You can be a confident person but still not have the level of  Pronfidence it takes to crush your business.  And you can show up more BOLD. 

If you are tired of that nagging voice making you question, if you realize that Imposter Syndrome holds you back, and if you know that there is a deeper level of  the most PRONFIDENT YOU that you haven't shown the business world yet..

Then this B.A.M. Group is for YOU!


Ready to Start Growing Your Business with YOUR BOLD?