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Reclaim Your Brave | Start Living the Life You’ve Always Dreamed Of | Feel Like Yourself Again

I am a mompreneur with an extensive background in health and wellness. I have always been concerned about the poor state of our nutrition today, the toxic environment we live in, and the disease and suffering that it is causing our generation- children and adults!


5 years ago my concern became personal when my 10 year old daughter was diagnosed with an auto immune disease.  Our family was never going to settle for western medical solutions alone. And 5 years ago marked the beginning of my passion for holistic health solutions.  And now I want to spread the BOLDNESS of being your own health and life advocate.


Since then, our daughter who just turned 15! has remained in Remission (not cured) from her auto immune disease and I have gone on to work with an amazing “tribe” of women and men helping thousands of others take back control of their health, get their vibrance and zest for life back, and for those interested, help their finances!


My journey began with a nutritional cleansing system and has gone on to include the highest quality hemp oil.  Sharing these gifts of health has allowed me the opportunity to create a home based business.  Now I have the freedom to be home for my family- husband and 2 busy, amazing daughters and squeeze in my fav pastime of tennis !


While also having FUN! Who knew “work” could be so FUN and rewarding?!


During this rollercoaster of incredible growth I have uncovered and tapped into my passion for inspiring other moms, dads, mompreneurs/dadpreneurs to take charge of their life , health, and business. After all- if you want a change you have a to make a change right? And to do that it takes stepping out of your comfort zone, and changing old habits that will change your mindset, positivity, and vision for your future. Then you can truly LIVE BOLDLY to achieve your dreams!


So if you are ready to LIVE BOLDY and find your inner brave to change your future you have come to the right place!

And if you ready to inspire others to do the same- I am looking for BAD ASS Biz partners to lock arms with this year.

Lets help everyone LIVE BOLDY and live their best life!

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Healthy Living

I have researched and discovered the health benefits of an amazing solution – Hemp Oil.  This plant based medicine from the Hemp plant is providing cannabinoids that your body needs to create homeostasis crucial to achieving your BEST health! This homeostasis is effecting sleep, stress, anxiety, pain, inflammation, and hundreds of diseases that are effected by all of these health issues!  My family and now hundreds of friends and teammates have had amazing life changing health results.  And I am passionate about sharing this very simple solution that will change your health and allow you to live your best life!

Do you want to learn more about the health benefits of Hemp Oil and what “cannabinoids” from the hemp plant do for your body?

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Life of Freedom

Are you living your most fulfilled life? Are you living your dreams or watching everyone else live theirs? Or are you an entrepreneur looking for a 2 nd stream of income that you can fit into the pockets of your busy life? What if there were a way to have FREEDOM? What if there was a way to fulfill that longing you feel to have more time? To be a more present mom? Or Dad? To be in the moment with everything you do. To live a life where you aren’t confined to the 4 walls of an office of the tick tock of the 9 to 5. What if all of this comes with passion, fun, and a support group of amazing teammates to help you on your journey? Are you in? And what if all of this culminates in You being the BEST version of yourself that you didn’t even know existed?
Sound too good to be true?

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Many have thought the same! But that is what helping others transform their health with PrimeMyBody Hemp oil- – has given us!

Not to mention we are sharing this plant based medicine at the perfect time when the US market for hemp products is expected to reach $22 billion by 2020 (keep in mind our Hemp Oil is THC FREE and completely LEGAL)


I am looking for bold partners to lock arms with this year who want to impact the lives of others.  Bold Partners who are ready to experience first hand your BEST life! 

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Get Your Bold Back

During my rollercoaster of growth, I have uncovered and tapped into my passion for helping others take charge of their life, health, and business. One common denominator affecting all areas of success- finding your inner brave and living life BOLDLY.  Becoming who you were really meant to be takes stepping out of your comfort zone, instilling new positive daily habits, creating new visions and going for it! After all, you have to make a change to get a change right?


Through my coaching, and online programs, I am ready to inspire, teach, and support you, the entrepreneur at heart, or the mom who simply wants to finally the live the life of your design, achieve your success, and live Life BOLDLY!

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Want to have Kim inspire your group?

Speaking Engagements

Kim speaks to groups large and small about how to get healthy, reclaim your bold and get your life back. Kim’s high energy and positive attitude is contagious and will fire up your group. With 5 plus years leading and motivating a team, Kim is committed to entrepreneurship and is a leader in her field. Kim will get your group motivated to take action and move them to the next level.


Looking for a motivational speaker for your group?


Message me to design any topic on health, being a mompreneur, and Living Life Boldly


 Sample topics include:


  1. Top 5 Things I have learned as a mompreneur to help you crush your goals!
  2. What can you do differently to Eliminate distractions you CAN control, and reactions to the ones you Can’t!
  3. Perfection- necessary or just annoying?
  4. Nutrition as it relates to our country’s rise in health issues!
  5. Living Boldly- how to find your inner brave and get to it!
  6. What if the biggest obstacle holding you back is YOU?
  7. Goals, Vision, Future success- do you actually BELIEVE what you say? One simple mindshift in your beliefs can be the catalyst for change you have been waiting for!
  8. Comparing yourself to others- easy but so insulting to YOU! How to put that wasted energy to productivity!
  9. How not taking care of yourself is effecting your Success.
  10. Inspire Yourself first which will then inspire others and change your success!