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The Mom Life = a lot of winging it and never knowing if we are ever doing it right!

And opens the door for self worth to be based on a lot of outside influences and lower your Momesteem. Where does YOUR self worth come from?

What I learned that will help your self worth come from YOU- and put you back in control of your Momesteem!

What You Focus on You Find!

What do you say when people ask: "How Are You" ?

How changing what you focus on with that answer will change what you attract!

Comparison Trap

What is one of the easiest things to do when doubt creeps in and you don’t feel good about where you are, and what you are accomplishing? Yep, it is to compare yourself to others! We ALL do it. And we live in a social media world that makes it SO soso very easy, don’t we?

I have this conversation so frequently! Which means you are most definitely NOT alone. And the good news is- the reason you are frustrated is because you want more. If you didn’t have goals and drive- you wouldn’t care. We both know you can achieve your goals, but first, you must stop comparing yourself to others! This is exactly what I LOVE helping women do!

Own Your Influence

Do you consider yourself “influential”? Why or why not?

Do you think influencers are just the people at the top of the corporation, the team, or the bloggers with thousands of followers? Influence is important in every aspect of life for EVERYONE. It affects your Momming, your Personal life, and your Professional life every day on every level.

Think about this: What would being more influential do for your life?

POWER of Vulnerablilty

Vulnerabilty -EEEWWW Who likes this

It feels weak, uncomfortable, and Even embarrassing!

That’s why you should watch!

Check this out and see how POWERFUL and FREEING vulnerability can really be!