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Have you ever gone to a personal development training or heard an amazing speaker and were so excited to come home and crush the world?

THEN you get back to your life and your habits - and no crushing happens?
YES it happens to the best of us.

Have you been setting personal goals and wanting change but ultimately it is not happening? You KNOW that you are ready for more, but you aren’t doing it because you don’t know how to make it happen.

There is a reason for all of this.

To make changes it takes looking at old habits and creating new ones. You have been doing certain things a certain way for quite some time, and you may not even be aware of it. But your subconscious is SO very aware - it has its own plan to keep doing things exactly the same.  

Did you know that awareness is 80% change?

Awareness AND change take daily steps and habits. You can’t create the change and ignore the habits - and habits take daily work to change. Unless you are Nike, “Just Do IT” takes a little more daily work that we realize.

And this is why I love Growth-U’s online DAILY Programs.

“Unlike other motivational and personal development communities, Growth-U offers programs that support lasting change by reconditioning how you define yourself both consciously and unconsciously.”

These personal growth programs brought out the best version of me that I didnt even know existed. Doing the daily work helped me uncover what was holding me back. More importantly, I learned WHAT to do about it and how to SHOW UP in the way that I had always wanted - with confidence and influence - all while maintaining my AUTHENTIC self. I have learned critical leadership skills and powerful communication skills that have changed my personal and professional life. All of this has taken work and practice and I have learned tools that I will use for the rest of my life.  And now I have the privilege to coach and share these same programs and tools with you. (or your company, your team, or any group you want to help!)

Plus you’ll get support from me! To learn about how to get more in depth coaching with me while moving through a program click here.

“The 1:1 coaching from Kim, while moving through one of her programs, held me accountable and kept me moving forward which changed my results. I have done many programs in my life and this time I am ACTUALLY accomplishing my goals. “ -Laura L

Below are four of my favorite Growth-U programs. There are many more but these are my favs to start your journey out right!

The Big Picture:
30 Days to Creating Visions That Work

Health, Relationships, Career, Influence, and Finance

Are you tired of setting goals but not achieving them? Do you know how important it is to create a VISION for what you want for your life - your health, your business, and even your relationships - BEFORE you set the goal? If you want to become the best version of yourself, this course is for you. You will get crystal clear on who you need to become to achieve what you want in your life. You will also  breakthrough what’s holding you back, expand and strengthen your identity, and get the results you deserve. With the laser focus you will gain from this course, you will become unstoppable in the next phase of your life!

"I absolutely love the Big Picture program!  I have worked with coaches over the years, read all of the books and was still not achieving my goals. Super frustrating. My big aha moment while working through the Big Picture program was that I never visualized what it would be like when I achieved them and that I never truly saw myself that way.  Between doing that and finding people that are where I want to be and emulating their behaviors, I know this time will be different. I will be the person that I want to be! Thanks Kim!!!!!!!" -Laura L

45 Days to Successful Habits

Are you frustrated with the number of times you start something new and then quit? Are you so excited about your new goals but not sure what happens after that? This program is designed to help you uncover exactly what is happening so you can achieve your desired results this time! Transform U focuses on the categories of health, relationships, career, and mindset - they all affect one another, don’t they? This course will support you with the tools, leverage, and accountability necessary to uncover what is holding you back and create new habits to help you make lasting changes for your future.

"If you are looking to finally tackle those limiting mindsets/beliefs that have been holding you back; Transform U is the program for you! Kim does a wonderful job facilitating this program! She had an uncanny ability to really hit on the key areas that I was struggling in and she was able to help me identify several subconscious beliefs that were preventing me from acknowledging and realizing my true potential. Thank you, Kim!!" -Suzanne H

Inside Out Leadership:
45 Days to Being a Transformational Growth Leader

Communication. Performance. Team Building. IE Leadership

Do you lead a team, a group, an organization, or your own company? Is there an area of your life where more influence in leadership would impact your success? So many people are in leadership positions but are not sure how to execute TRUE leadership. Leadership is not telling others what to do - it is INSPIRING your team or group to want to do it. This program will give you the tools, knowledge, and confidence to do just this.

Inside Out Leadership explores the critical component of what it means to be internally motivated to lead yourself before effectively leading and influencing those around you in your career or everyday life. You will also learn how to be more influential and powerful in your communication, performance, team building, and IE leadership (being internally motivated and externally focused). Inside leadership will change your leadership skills exactly as it states - “Inside and Out”.

""I have gone through the inside out leadership program twice, once when I worked alone and again while having a team of employees. What I love is that it helps you to focus on the type of leader you want to be while also figuring out who your team needs you to be. This can be helpful to parents, bosses, kids on sports teams, or anyone who needs to show up as a leader in any role in their life. The daily log-ins help me to stay consistent with my vision and goals. The knowledge I've gained can be applied to all areas of my life. It is well worth it's value." -Tricia S

The Four Colors of Influence:
How To Align With Anyone

No matter your role in life or business - Mom, leader, team member, business owner - communication skills are a key to success. Do you notice that for some the conversation comes so easily and for others, not at all?  Did you know that each person you come in contact with has a different influence style? You do too! You are utilizing the one that comes naturally to you - however that is not the one that works for all. What if you could instantly align with challenging team members, prospects, or even your CHILDREN?!

The Four Colors will give you added confidence and skills to communicate with anyone you come in contact with. This program will accelerate your success, highlight your abilities, and help you influence anyone!

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